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  • Liberty Coach 2nd Annual Golf Tournament
    Saturday, February 19th at 9:00am
    Clubhouse Pool Area & Golf Course
    Liberty Coach is Sponsoring the 2nd Annual Liberty Coach Golf Tournament on Saturday February 19th. This will be a Shotgun Start, 18 holes and will be played in Alternate Shot Format. Alternate Shot Format involves teams of 2 golfers. Players from each team alternate shots on each hole throughout 18 holes. Teammates alternate who hits the tee shot on each hole. For instance, team 1 with golfers A & B: on hole 1 golfer A tees off, B hits 2nd shot, A hits 3rd shot, then B putts it in, and then on hole 2 B tees off, A hits 2nd, and so on. Each player will receive a commemorative shirt and Trophy's for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded

    If you want to be paired with a specific player, please include their name in your registration.

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