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Hurricane Dorian Update
Posted on Aug 30th, 2019

New prediction is the storm will be a cat 3 today, and a cat 4 by the time it makes landfall on the Florida east coast, now predicted to be on Tuesday.
That being said, staff may not be back on site until Wednesday, potentially Thursday. We will continue monitor and communicate. Reminder, all staff is leaving at noon today to take care of their own homes.
In the interim we are expected to receive 7–10 inches of rain by tonight, with grave concern for flooding, based on how much rain we’ve already had this month.
The city has lowered the lakes. All common areas have been secured, all fountains and waterfalls have been turned off by the breakers, and lift station is on the generator. 
All city emergency and state government links have been provided previously.
Please continue to monitor the storm on your own. Thank you .
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