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Tropical Storm Preperation
Posted on Aug 28th, 2019

Good Morning Owners and Guests,
Please be advised we are monitoring Tropical Storm Dorian and its possible development and path.  Although it is a bit too early to say for sure what the exact path or entry into Florida will be, it is clear Florida continues to be in the path.  At this time the projections show landfall about an hour north of us, but that can change. Even landfall an hour north will still put this area in Tropical Storm force wind and possibly heavy rain.  Time of arrival could vary between mid day Saturday to Sunday.  We will continue to monitor and send updates as warranted.  At this time, we ask all residents to monitor the news and local stations for updates. You should begin preparing your lots at this time.  Look for and secure loose items like; potted plants , picnic tables and patio furniture , grills etc.   Please keep in mind, that Tropical Storms carry winds from 39 to 73 miles per hour.
We will keep you updated if any services will be suspended to the Association like landscaping, or if common areas such as the clubhouse, pool, gym, gates or guardhouse will be secured. I have a 7:30 a.m meeting with maintenance scheduled for tomorrow, at which time we will begin securing the common areas if necessary. Staff will be leaving at noon on Friday to secure their own homes, and gates will be opened as a precaution against power failure due to the storm. We will continue to monitor the storm and keep you updated.
Thank you.
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