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Posted on Dec 31st, 2019
 23 December 2019 RV Resorts Owner Association 
Dear Residents, The purpose of this update is to provide an update on the recent launch for OpticalTel’s services within your community and outline expectations for any pending goals remaining since our launch. As you may know, OpticalTel launched an intensive effort alongside your association to deliver a brand-new fiber optic infrastructure and new bulk services. Thanks to the immense support & hard work from your Board of Directors and Property Management, our team’s relentless push to complete such an intricate installation was completed by September 2019 and services were launched October of 2019. A feat that is without a doubt an exception in our industry. We are happy to report that at this time, there remains only one outstanding item stemming from this largescale deployment. As many residents are aware, the technology deployed by OpticalTel for your bulk video service utilized the latest digital compression formatting to achieve clear high definition & anticipate the future. Unfortunately, television manufacturers have been slow to include the necessary hardware within their products to handle such and the scale of customers who have been impacted by this was much larger than anticipated. Therefore, OpticalTel determined very shortly after commencing deployment that it was imperative that we revert this digital compression formatting to a standard that is more prevalent with televisions throughout customer coaches.  OpticalTel Engineers are working diligently to finalize work to complete this conversion and we anticipate this completion shortly. Once in place, a communication will be sent to customers instructing them to simply rescan their television sets.  Should you have any further questions or concerns regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us at Support@OpticalTel.com. 
Sincerely, OpticalTel Support Team
Lost and Found
Lost - Apple Iphione
Posted on January 15, 2020
Lost somewhere in the Resort. Apple iPhone.
IF found please call 417 350 7191 or return to lot # 476 NW Boundary Drive